( 2 ) الدراما في العراق

Drama in Iraq

1. What does a drama form in Iraq?
It forms part of the great writing tradition in Iraq.

2. What is the earliest known piece of literature in Iraq?
It is the Epic of Gilgamish.

3. What is “Drama in Iraq” greatly influenced by?
It is greatly influenced by the types of drama that come from the Greeks, the Romans and the Renaissance dramatists.

4. When did these types of Drama come to Iraq?
They came to Iraq only in the late nineteenth century.

5. What were these types of Drama intended to teach?
They were intended to teach moral lessons in some Iraqi schools.

6. What were these drams about?
They were historical or dealt with religious issues.

7. Did they deal with real-life issues of Iraqis? Why?
No, they didn't, because some of plots were borrowed from ancient or foreign dramas.

8. Were there any women actresses in these dramas when they organically performed?
No, there weren't any women actresses in these dramas when they organically performed.

9. How was the drama in Iraq in the 1920s?
In the 1920s, drama moved beyond schools and began to be performed for the general public to remember great events or characters in the history of the Arabs.

10. How was the drama by the 1930s?
By the 1930s, pioneer Iraqi playwrights began to deal with the different aspects of life in Iraq. However, although drama grew in scope, it was not yet a major part of the culture life in Iraq