Q. Write an e-mail to your friend describing the traditions of Ramadan in Iraq . Write
about 120 words .
Dear …..
Thank you for your e-mail . You asked me about the traditions of Ramadan in Iraq . Well , I
will tell you about that . During Ramadan , Muslims have food twice a day , one when sun rises and the other when the sun sets . The meal had before the sunrise is called suhoor and the meal had after the sunset is called Iftar . During the Ramadan fast, for Iftar meal delicious food is *****d . Anyway , we usually start with a glass of yoghurt and dates , water and soup . The main course is usually meat or chicken served with rice . Then we have tea . In the evening , families and friends spend a lot more time with each other . Some people get bad-tempered because they are hungry and tired . Personally , I find Ramadan in
summer is intolerable .
Write back soon , ِ